Wyalla Studio Web Development

Wyalla Studio is a professional and high standard lighting supplier. The lighting products are varied and of a high end quality, and the website functions as a gateway not only to specialty illumination but also to the companies behind the lights. The website was designed to reflect this in a contemporary layout and clean modern look.

The Wyalla Studio website is set up in a CMS style of website for client enabled editing. The basic purpose for the website is to make public their lighting products and all necessary technical information. Further development of the site content can be done by the client as new products are launched. The CMS also gives clients access at all times of the day to launch, update or modify the websites content at their comfort.

The Wizarts design all their website to be responsive to any kind of device viewing the website. The website design will expand and contract whilst still keeping the fundamental design theme consistent across all platforms. This makes the website accessible from the desktop to your everyday smart phone.

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