Words of Essence

Words of Essence Palmer Higgs Sharen Leeah

The Words of Essence book layout and typesetting was handled by The Wizarts with a delicate, graceful cover and clean pages to better prioritise the artist artwork and poetry.

Words of Essence contains a series of poems sharing the energies and healing powers of the beautiful Australian Bush Flower Essences. This book was published by Palmer Higgs and authored by Sharen Leeah.

The client supplied scans of their artwork and literature with the expressed request that the artwork remain true to form. Each spread showcased a floral drawing accompanied by a poem. The poem was then colour matched to suit the drawing for stronger continuity and cohesiveness. Each drawing was given special attention to translate the vibrant colours to print.

The book spine is always an important part of the design processes. It needs to be sufficiently calculated to fit the number of pages and at the correct GSM paper thickness. Designing the spine needs to be clean and clear so that it can be identified on a shelf easily. The spine text should be the correct way around when the book is laying flat, with the cover facing upwards.