Women in Engineering DL Flyer

Women in Eng DL

The Women in Engineering DL Flyer is a thick weight DL size card that was designed for the University of Melbourne.

This marketing device for the University of Melbourne was design to entice more women into the engineering industry with new and exciting courses to show support to women considering getting into the engineering industry.

The DL brochure was printed on a 350 gsm satin art board to give the brochure a tangible appeal. The photograph was supplied by the the University of Melbourne and was taken of a recently qualified engineering student to help support the marketing story line.

DL brochures are a great way to capture market presence in your respective industry or service. The Wizarts in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne have some exciting and unique ideas to make your new brochure jump out. Through creative corporate graphic design and clever concepts, the Wizarts truly are Wizzzzers at Art!