How we build a website

The Wizarts are aware that online marketing success comes from a quality developed website and a process that implements advanced web techniques.

The Web page development proceedure is designed to meet the business’s objectives and to be an integral part of its online marketing presence. Our web development experts create and manage domains, content development, site architecture and structure, programming, security and coding to ensure your website satisfies consumer needs.

There are 6 steps in our Web Developer Process:

Concept ⇒ Design ⇒ Build ⇒ Test ⇒ Launch ⇒ Update


First step is getting creating the concept. PLANNING! Planning is vial to success. Understand about your company, your competitors and your market place will help us plan with you. We ask questions and help you set priorities. We unsure we understand what the goal of the the site. We focus on goals and select tools that make those goals achievable. Have a budget in mind? Let us know and we can match the goals.


After the planning is finished, we create a visual resonation of your new web design. A good website starts life in the design stage. There are several aspects of the site that are formed at this stage, including among other things, layout, colour, sound, content, functionality and maintainability. The design is done with the goal of converting visitors into customers. Every visitor is important. By ignoring design, you are missing out on customers and sales. Our Wizarts team reviews and revises the design until it is spot on to accomplish your goals.

We present the very best design, in the form of 2 image files, a home page and an interior page.

Home page – Your home page is the personality of your site. It is where all the customers, prospect customers, employees and partners will first interact with your site. That’s why the first immersion is very important.

Internal Page – Once the home page is designed, we move onto the design of your internal page, where the real action occurs. The internal page design is the most important element of your web design because it is responsible for compelling your prospect to take positive action on your site.

The concept design will give you an exact view of the look and feel of your new site. Any modifications to design can be taken care of at this stage before we begin building the site.


When you have a concept that a makes sense and a design that you like. The next step is to make the site a reality. This is where the magic happens.

The Wizarts specialise on building websites and we build powerful websites. We build the websites that rank highly in search engines in google. We ensure that your website is completely SEO optimised. We also help you to create effective information Architecture (IA analytics) which you can check who visited your site, when and how long they spend on your website.


We test your website before its launched on the internet. We ensure that your website displays correctly across Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. We ensure that all links and forms work correctly and that there are no mistakes. We ensure that the site is not vulnerable to common security threats online.


When the website goes live on the internet. The website gets uploaded to a dedicated server. We can arrange the hosting for you if you require it.

Update and maintenance

Updating your website is the ideal way to keep your website fresh and up to date all the time. Maintaining your website is the key to keeping your website on the highest top rank in the search engines all the time. We can make edits to your website swiftly and effortlessly with little cost.

Before we build your website: You may want to consider your logo or identity. Is it working very well in your market place? If not, The Wizarts can improve and/or recreate a new one for you. This is an important part of the identity of your business shown on your website!

Ask us to help you make more money from your website today.

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