Analytics is the study of the interaction of web users with a website. The Wizarts pays close attention to Website Analytics Data. The data is collected from the interaction of users and then displayed as reports to draw business conclusions.

The Wizarts pays close attention to Web Analytics Data. Web Analytics are extremely important because they help us to answer the questions: Is this working? Should we change this page? How so? Analytics provide us with a definitive measure of the success of your website efforts.

All data collected from Web Analytics, can let you know the pros and cons of your website. Then any changes can be made to improve the site and support your online marketing campaign.

Because of the competition in the market place, Websites need to be improved and updated all the time. Checking your analytic report, to keep improving your website. Let The Wizarts help you to set one up.

Web Analytics will show you:

  • The number of visitors per day, week, year.
  • Which pages are the most popular.
  • What is the average length of time your readers stay.
  • How many visitors are following the paths, How they navigated through the site (and ultimately how & where they left).
  • Do your readers come from search engines?
  • What key words they enter to find your site.
  • The type of browser they are using
  • The bounce rate
  • Do your readers browse more than one page before leaving?
  • The Measure Web Design Performance, Which links are being clicked, Which pages are being visited, Which pages do visitors enter on/leave from.

Ask the Wizarts about Analytic reports for your website today.

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