Votar Insert in KeepCup

Votar Insert in KeepCup
Votar Insert

The Votar Insert was created for Votar Partners. Votar Partners is an established Management and IT Services Consultancy. They have successfully conducted over 900 assignments for a growing list of more than 250 clients. The inserts were placed in a KeepCup and distributed among the participants during presentations.

The Votar Insert was used to market RCAT, a Software that provides insights into regulatory compliance gaps and risks.

The Wizarts first designed the Votar Insert with a choice of typography and crisp layout. Most importantly, a small insert such as this needs to be legible and impactful. The use of succinct text allowed much information in the limited space. Additionally, the brands dynamic in the industry is represented by the use of cog imagery. This invokes a curiosity in the customer to inspect futher. Meanwhile, the other side of the insert provides some basic information on RCAT.

Useful gifts are a simple, yet thoughtful way to show gratitude towards clients, colleagues and customers. Adding branding to the gift prolongs your brand presence to the customer. Certainly, The Wizarts are able to assist you in branded gifts tailored to suit your company. In addition to the insert there are other aspects we can help you with such as labeling, printing and embossing.

In conclusion, you can expect uniquely crafted inserts tailored to your tastes as received by Votar. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more. Feel free to contact us and discuss your artwork needs today!

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