V&A Spiteri Website

The V&A Spiteri website was designed using the existing brand image for this long standing business (more than 40 years). However, the logo was modernised by the Wizarts to give it a 3D designed look and feel.

V&A Spiteri is a 2nd generation family business that specialises in all automotive aspects of the Jaguar motor car. They have developed numerous modifications to suit all Jaguar models. A full restoration service is another proud service that V&A Spiteri offer to its clients.

The V&A Spiteri website was built to include the following pages: home page, products pages, services page, motor sport page, gallery, catalogues, cars for sale page and of course a contact page. The Gallery images were photographed by the Wizarts. Included in the website is a full insight into their operation. Galleries are a great way to quickly and effectively show your potential new onlookers exactly what your operation consists of. This can be done with a slide show that showcases your key point of sale products or services on the home page. Often you don’t have a lot of time to get your message across on a website so its important to have your website set up correctly. not just technically but cosmetically too.

The Wizarts offer a full range of website packages for your business. Including CMS self managed website that you can easily manage the content on your website yourself. This way you can cost effectively update the content on your website to ensure that your SEO has ongoing improvements.

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