Universal Poultry Products Online

The Wizarts brought Universal Poultry Products online with a strategically designed website. The website was developed along with a new logo, delicious photography, and assorted marketing brochures and flyers.

The Universal Poultry Products online portal design was developed based on the wholesomeness and hearty feel of a good chicken meal. Warm colours and delectable images are used in conjunction with the descriptions of each product available. The website also contains sample recipes that can be cooked with the offered products.

As many websites developed by The Wizarts, Universal Poultry Products online site also comes with a Content Management Dystem (CMS). With a CMS, the client is able to create or manipulate the content of the website at any time; even from the comfort of their own home.

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A little testimonial from the client:

Hi David,

I would like to compliment you on your service and staff.  I love the brochures and the flyers and the business cards. I have found you, your company and staff to be highly professional and extremely helpful and reliable. Thank you. […] Looking forward to continued business with you. Will definitely recommend you to colleagues.