Universal Poultry Products Brochure

Universal Poultry Product Brochure Cover
Universal Poultry Product Brochure Spread
Universal Poultry Product Brochure Closeup

The Universal Poultry Products brochure was produced to promote the range of products offered by the Melbourne company Universal Poultry Products.

Universal Poultry Products produce a large range of gourmet chicken products. Their products range from crumbed schnitzel to chicken nuggets to chicken satay sticks. They produce these foods for the restaurant industry Australia wide. Universal Poultry is one of Melbourne’s biggest suppliers of this type of product and are capable of producing a large volume of chicken products promptly.

To create the Universal Poultry Products brochure, The Wizarts had first designed a logo to reflect a warm healthy feel associated with chicken. A photography session was scheduled in to include the companys prized chicken schnitzel products. Each product was carefully cooked, dressed and captured by our expert resident photographer. The ultimate challenge of each photo being to bring out the deliciousness of each product.

The brochure also contained content sourced from the company. At the beginning of the brochure was a description of the company itself. Each product page was accompanied by a product photo and description. As a picture says a thousand words, the product photos were allowed to shine and display their quality.