Conference T-Shirts

The company is a world-class leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care and Appliances for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries. As with large companies, it is important to keep the staff energetic and passionate about what they do. It is also important that the staff be in tuned with the company direction and familiar with the products they provide to the public. These are some of the reasons why they hold annual conferences for the staff.

The Conference T-shirts are provided to the staff attending the conferences. This special gear is used in team building exercises and modules during the conference. The tees are usually divided by the sub brands. Each team is given an identity and brand to unify the staff in the sub brands. Tees are versatile and can be worn by any number of people, identifiable and easy to maintain.

The Conference T-shirts are screen printed using black or white ink on coloured material. This reduces the cost of the tees and prevents clashing of colours within and between each group. Each team uses a brand related colour for their tees. The challenge presented was to create logos that are easily replicated in screen printing.

The logos developed for each team for the 2011 Conference T-shirts were completed by our team based on the team names provided by the client. Each year, the theme of the teams vary and usually use rhyming words with the sub brands. For 2011, the theme oscillated around powerful hunters. As this company deals with power tools, the logos needed to represent power, pride and strength.

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