Tribeca Community Online Portal

The Tribeca Community Website is a portal to manage the information for a single large building that has a large amount of dwellings to manage.

The beauty of the portal is to assist and free up time for the body corporate manager. Referring residents to the web portal is great to keep them up to date with all the necessary information pertaining to the building’s upkeep, servicing, rules, corporate fees, etc. It can even have a login section to keep certain information only available to residents.

The portal can be updated easily due to the website being in a CMS structured format. Allowing the manager to keep everyone informed and up to date. This facility has proven to be a very successful tool for large managed projects. The same principals of this type of portal can be applied to many other types of businesses and organisations.

The Tribeca Community website was designed and developed by the Wizarts in a way to be creative, modern and more importantly, be very easy to use.

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