Top2Toe Osteopathy

Top2Toe Ostepathy Business Card

Top2toe osteopathy are a new start up business and required a completely new brand image.

Firstly the Wizarts designed a new logo. Half a dozen different logo options were designed and the final chosen design was fine tuned into a finished master logo. The logo was outlined / converted to paths; meaning that the end product contained no fonts that may be edited by a third party. All logos done by the Wizarts are not just a chosen font, they are personalised lettering that is unique to the business. Meaning you wont find another business using your same style of lettering.

After the logo was developed, the stationary was created – like the business card sample here. The Wizarts take care in keeping your branding consistent across all your business, visual representation and imagery. This is vital for a professional image and vital for a successful business in the market place.

The Wizarts are professional graphic designers who take care and will ensure you stay at the front of the pack!

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