The Voice Source

Claire Everton, the singing teacher and performer behind The Voice Source.

Claire Everton is a professional teacher of Contemporary Voice with an understanding and practical application of vocal technique for healthy and successful singing. With extensive experience singing and teaching in different genres, she wanted to get her name out there and invite new singers into the fold. She enjoys teaching singing at all levels, from beginners to professional.

The Voice Source website required a professional look once Claire was ready for her business to take off. Previously depending on a local contact, she was not happy with the way her previous website was structured. It was outdated and required many changes to the content. Claire also did not have a logo or branding at this point.

Claire came to The Wizarts for assistance and has not turned back. Our team designed and rebuilt The Voice Source website from scratch. The logotype for her brand was created at the same time. Claire provided many classic images which were touched up and brought to the fore in the new website design. New images were also captured and created by The Wizarts team for her.

Incorporating a sliding banner at the top of the website showcased all Claire’s services instantly and captured the viewers attention. This banner portrayed information about the business quickly and cleanly without the viewer having to navigate through the site to find out about Claire’s services. Our team also made it possible for Claire’s voice to reach The Voice Source. Using snippets of past performances, the audio files made the website more interactive and interesting.

The Voice Source website also made it easy for new customers to contact Claire for singing tuition, performances, children’s entertainment, or just to keep updated with the singing teacher. Claire also used the website to bring to light her first book: Whisper Boy. The Boy who lost and found his Voice. Suffice to say, Claire is very happy with her website.

The Wizarts work closely with you to ensure that your website is a website that you are proud of.

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