The Geometry of the End of Time

Author Robert Lawlor is an amazing man. It’s always such a pleasure when Robert pays us a visit. We always enjoy the indepth discussions and pleasant company of this fine author.

Robert has published 7 books in total and The Geometry of the End of Time was one of his finest. The Wizarts completed the entire design process, from typography through to press ready artwork of this publication. This particular book incorporated numerous mathematical symbols and diagrams and had a total of over 600 pages of text. It required exacting typography skills to put together.

The artwork was set up for print on demand publication. So the artwork had special requirements for this process. The cover was planned and prepared as a case bound cover and looked stunning when completed. Print on demand is a fantastic option for authors who don’t want to outlay large costs and have issues with mass storing of copies of their books. Print on demand can also make it easy for customers to access publications quickly and affordably around the world.

Find The Geometry of the End of Time at your nearest bookstore or purchase this intriguing book online.

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