The Eastern Golf Club Maps

The Eastern Golf Club golf maps
The Eastern Golf Club golf maps

The Eastern Golf Club (EGC) reached out to The Wizarts for help to create maps of their new golf course. As the course was still under construction at the time, the EGC required a designer with the ability to bring their plans to life based on the builders blueprints. The Wizarts stepped up and supplied beautiful maps for the clubs 27 holes.

Over several weeks, we discussed and supplied proofs of the map designs to the EGC even while the construction was still ongoing. A base template design was created from the blueprints supplied containing elements from the golf course. This included soil, grass, ponds and lakes, trees, bridges, cart paths, and holes, each consisting of a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, and a green. The EGC continued to work with us to complete a base template in keeping with their expectations.

The EGC also had a special request. The final files needed to be in a format they could update in the future. That is to say, as they continued to build the golf course the maps needed to follow suit. With this in mind, The Wizarts created files with easy to understand layers and functions that can be modified accordingly. Each hole was carefully labeled with its elements named and configured in layers. The Wizarts also supplied the EGC representative with a short tutorial on how understand to use the created files with ease. As a result, the EGC was thoroughly satisfied with the golf course maps. They were very happy to be able to easily update the maps based on the real time counterparts.

You can expect uniquely crafted designs tailored to your requirements as received by The Eastern Golf Club. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more.

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