Synergise Software Web Design

Synergise Software Web Design

Synergise Software Web Design was a new website designed and developed for a new start up business.

Along with the new website, the Wizarts designed a new logo and brand image that accompanied the new business. The new branding utilised elements and colours from the logo so that the overall visual look was in cohesion with all content on each page of the website.

The business is an IT business and therefore the overall design needed to reflect certain market expectations in appearance. The Wizarts have expert experience in choosing the right visual design for your place in the market. Ensuring that when people see your website they will instantly have a feel for the nature of your business. This is extremely important for consumer confidence and the identification in retrospective businesses enquiries.

The Wizarts can assist you with your new website and even take over an existing website to manage it professionally. Working on SEO maintenance or adding a new look can all be done under one roof at the Wizarts.

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