Stockdale&Leggo Signage

Stockdale&Leggo Logo


Stockdale&Leggo Signage was just another part of the complete corporate branding overhaul the Wizarts did for Stockdale & Leggo. This was to be the first change for the  Stockdale and Leggo’s branding in more than 50 years.

Initially the Wizarts creatively designed and developed the new logo. From the logo came many other branded items. From bill boards to stationary items, from Press Adverts to brochures. All were designed by the Wizarts. Designing signage for all the offices Australia wide was one such task.

It was crucial that the signage be designed in a way that it could be implemented across an array of different office types and styles across all states of Australia.

The Wizarts managed the complete process through a detailed style guide that contained all necessary information to transform the entire franchise into the new branding. Swiftly and quickly.

It was a mammoth job to do the complete branding and visual identity for Stockdale & Leggo but one that the Wizarts proudly executed precisely, effectively and on time.