Spitting Image Club Menu

The Spitting Image Club Menu was created for Spitting Image Catering. The catering business required a new set of menus to display what it has to offer. Above all, the business requested the menu also include a form for customers to fill and send for orders.

Firstly, The Wizarts had an extensive discussion with the business to find a theme for their new menu. This menu would be distributed among bowls clubs in the region. It needed to be impactful and attention grabbing. In the same vein, the menu also needed to look delicious. Secondly, we created a moodboard using stock imagery and supplied photos. This served as a draft of how the menu would look. After that, we moved ahead designing the whole menu with the approved theme.

In addition to the Spitting Image Club Menu design, The Wizarts also created a PDF form. This means the PDF contains fields in which the customer may include information for an order. Consequently the menu doubled up as an order form. We created a form that was easily understood, functioned well and secure.

Lastly, the menu included a blank box on the front page. This customisation allowed for club logos to feature on the menu. Customers could identify which club their event would take place at.

Spitting Image Club Menu makes orders easy

Spitting Image Catering are a leading gourmet catering company in Melbourne that combines exceptional quality food with friendly and professional service. They offer a range of flexible menus at affordable rates which are perfect for any private or corporate event.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after design jobs like these. No matter what size business you are, The Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and design skill for your business.

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