Silverback Wall Calendar

The Silverback wall calendar – Calendars are a great gift for clients and suppliers. They help leave a lasting and memorable marketing presence to all networked businesses. The Silverback wall calendar is a great example of this.

Firstly, the Wizarts designed a new logo for Silverback Cargo Care. Then after this the Wizarts designed a new company mascot at the request of the client. The mascot was to be used across an array of marketing material and devices. He was to be a fun and friendly cartoon style drawing which was targeted to office receptionist and general logistics departments.

There were two calendars designed for Silverback cargo care. A wall calendar and a desk calendar, both incorporated the mascot and surrounding creative design to compliment this cartoon character.

Calendars were given as gifts to clients and suppliers, even potentially new prospective clients. The calendar would be put up on walls and desks for a period of one year, giving a long lasting marketing presence in many varied locations. A great and successful marketing strategy.

The industry often over uses quite boring shipping products in their marketing material and frankly this kind of image lacks personality and friendliness. The Wizarts designed wall calendars were a fresh and new marketing strategy for Silverback. The likes of which had never been done in the industry before.

Clients loved them and looked forward to a new version each year. There is always plenty of room in the calendar for people to write down important dates, both personal and business events.

Thinking of doing a business calendar? The Wizarts can design a calendar the way you would like it to be and offer creative suggestions to ensure a successful marketing life. In fact, the Wizarts can help you with the full process, from design to print so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.