Silverback Greeting Cards

Silverback Birthday Cards

After designing the initial branding for Silverback, The Wizarts went onto produce a mascot named Kesef. He was a cartoon style of illustration that was incorporated across certain marketing devices. The Silverback birthday cards were requested by the company’s marketing manager as an extra touch for the staff within the company. The birthday cards featured Kesef and baby predominantly active in the targeted persons hobby or favourite activity.

The Silverback birthday cards were a big hit with the staff. Many of these cards went out with personalised poems from the marketing manager. As a company embodying “care” within a gruff industry, the birthday cards became a special gift to the staff on their special day.

The Wizarts enjoyed providing specialised illustrations for these Silverback Birthday Cards. Whether for a birthday or just a greeting, illustrations do great to get that extra smile on a persons face.

As for Kesef the mascot, it’s often used in targeting receptionists, prospective and existing clients. Kesef became the supporting secondary marketing device across all marketing material for Silverback Cargo Care. The Wizarts even went onto produce a soft cute toy Kesef – he was a hit with the clients!