Silverback Desktop Calendar

Desk calendars are an exciting and creative way to get your business name to your marketing target audience, like the Silverback Desktop Calendar that was designed and printed by the Wizarts.

After the Wizarts designed a new logo for Silverback. A creative mascot was also created for Silverback at their request. They wanted a friendly cartoon style illustration that would be illustrated in their companies corporate colours. The character “Kesef “was to be targeted predominantly to business women in receptions and logistic departments.

One such device that the character (Kesef) was to be used in, was a desktop calendar. This was a 12 month tent style desk calendar. It could be mailed out flat and folded up to stand securely on a desk. The desktop calendar is handy because there is plenty of room for writing important business and private events.

Believe it or not? Desktop calendars are still very popular considering we are in the digital age. Desktop calendars are not intrusive and give a decorative appeal to any desk. Flipping over a new page each month adds a fresh appeal to a desk and stimulates positiveness with looking forward to doing this at the end of each month.

Having your logo, message and contact details kept handy is priceless with a well designed desk calendar!

Desk calendars can be designed and produced with photographic images, product images and like this one illustrative images depending upon your preference. The Wizarts can assist you in the design process along with the print management to ensure you don’t have to worry about any of the in between steps to the production of your desktop calendars.

Trust the Wizarts with all your creative marketing and graphic design needs. Both on the Web and in print. Contact us today!