Silverback Catalogue

The Silverback catalogue is an extensive product catalogue that contains nearly 200 pages of product images and information.

The complete Silverback brand image was designed and developed creatively by the Wizarts. Including the logo, brochures, stationary, signage, wall calendars, desk calendars, greeting cards, etc, etc. Even a stuffed toy in the shape of the gorilla was produced by the Wizarts.

“Kesef” is a mascot gorilla in the form of a cartoon illustration. He was designed and developed and then utilised extensively throughout this catalogue. The purpose of a friendly mascot was to lighten up the catalogue. Unintentionally, a catalogue can be quite a boring and monotonous publication so when the Wizarts added in Kesef it gave the publication a very warm and inviting design representation.  The mascot would appear randomly on pages throughout the catalogue to spark interest in a user friendly way.

Although the catalogue incorporated a mascot it was still creatively laid out in a very corporate and professional layout.

The catalogue was a huge success and as a result a second catalogue was produced for the companies vast product label range.

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