RYOBI Portable Generators Certificate

RYOBI Certificate Portable Generators

The Wizarts work on a variety of marketing materials for RYOBI Australia and New Zealand. RYOBI Portable Generators Certificate are part of RYOBI Training Academy materials. That is to say trainees receive these certificates once they have completed all portable generator modules. The RYOBI Samurai Training Academy contain modules informing their products so trainees are able to assist customers.

With brand supplied imagery and logo, The Wizarts put together a pleasing certificate to be used for the academy. Firstly, we were supplied with several options for the samurai character. Secondly, we selected a pose which worked best with the layout of the certificate. Lastly, we set up the layout of the certificate, using a brush styled field for the trainee name. The certificate was approved by several levels in the company.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after the catalogues for RYOBI, a high profile business that has a lot riding on its reputation. Having said that, no matter what size business you are, the Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and desgin skill for your business.

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