RYOBI Castle Hill Instagram Frame

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The Castle Hill Instagram Frame, media wall and stencil were created for RYOBI, a branch of TTI Australia. These media tools were created for an event in Bunnings Castle Hill. RYOBI commissioned these media tools to engage the customer in these lively events. The customer would take part in creating a item and be encouraged to take a photo in front of the media wall. In addition to the media wall, an Instagram frame was supplied. Not only does this engage the customer, it also supplies the brand with free promotion.

Inline with RYOBIs bright and wholesome brand, The Wizarts used supplied brand elements to create these media tools. Firstly, several designs were supplied for the media wall and Instagram frame. The wall needed to be striking without getting too busy. In the same vein, the Instagram frame needed to be able to fit enough information while still being legible. Secondly, each media tool was required at a specific size. This is no problem at all for our experienced designers.

To sum up, The Wizarts have used all content and imagery supplied and designed the Castle Hill Instagram Frame, media wall and stencil to be both impactful and informative.

Castle Hill Instagram Frame brings the fame

While these media tools aren’t direct marketing material, it serves to keep the brand in the mind of the customer. Existing users are inspired to be part of the event and share their results. On the other hand, new customers may also visit the event booth out of interest. This is a great way to extend your brand while keeping it fun and fresh. Besides that, it is also a great way to expand ones presence on social media.

This level of care and attention is why the Wizarts is trusted to look after the campaigns for RYOBI, a high profile business that has a lot riding on its reputation. Having said that, no matter what size business you are, The Wizarts will adopt the same professional care and design skill for your business.

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