ROJO PacPrint Booth

The ROJO PacPrint Booth was a complete booth design made for Rojo Pacific. Rojo Pacific is an Australian-owned company, providing the world’s best solutions to print, sign, expo, display and industrial fabrication businesses. The booth required original designs and ideas based on a singular theme. The Wizarts worked with a professional liaison resulting in the final design.

Firstly, The Wizarts was supplied the theme: Market. Although this booth was for a printing convention, the client wanted to stand out from the rest. This theme would allow a showcase of available products in the most organic way. At the same time, the client was excited to utilize a new product to create rigid display and sign substrates. For example, the booth displayed hanging signs, advertising boards, POS display stands creative, decorations and model construction.

The Wizarts used the theme to create a “fruit stand” ROJO PacPrint Booth. Displays created for the booth include bollards, a counter, display shelves and faux fruit, wall and floor stickers, magazine racks, benches and stools, a podium, pencil holders and faux trees. Moreover, several displays required extensive discussions before a final approval.

Subsequently at the convention, the booth was well received. Customers were engaged with the booth and displays. They walked through the booth similar to walking through a store. They also picked up faux fruit, magazines and marketing materials. The booth staff were able to talk to the customers in a comfortable manner. In addition to that, the staff were also able to seat customers in the booth for further discussion. Consequently, The Wizarts gladly accepted positive feedback from this venture.

You can expect uniquely crafted designs tailored to your requirements as received by Rojo Pacific. We will design and develop artwork to your specifications and supply you with what you need and more.

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