Rococoa A4 Brochure

Rococoa A4 Brochure graphic design is on that made all of us here at the Wizarts hungry.

The Wizarts implement graphic design into an array of different kind of projects. Some design tasks can be for very different business backgrounds.

This particular brochure for Rococoa is a perfect example. An appetising corporate brochure design that became a mini product catalogue for this catering business. Rococo’s products are prepared and sold in quality cafe’s and restaurants.

The graphic design layout of this brochure was done quite differently to a basic temple grid design. There needed to be still some form of consistent layout for each item but the Wizarts chose to lift out some products into a large size to break up monotony and give the overall design a “coffee table magazine” looking design.

This design was very welcomed buy the client with no design changes necessary. Achieving the right design first time is a level of experience you will not find at another design studio.

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