PINKI PINKI Tea Web Design

PINKI PINKI Tea is a fragrant tea company boasting teas for all occasions. Using only Australian government approved organic ingredients, PINKI PINKI teas do not use chemical fertilisers or polluting pesticides.

Following the companys development on the PINKI PINKI Tea brand, they also required a design done for their future website. The company required only the website design as the development was scheduled to happen only once the products were on the market. Using the main colours and feel of the brand, our team developed a lightweight and modern design for the tea company.

The PINKI PINKI Tea web design was made to emphasize the various teas available while also having the capabilities of being responsive. The website also required to be favourable in showcasing each tea selection without bias. Each part of the website required careful planning so the viewer could receive maximum usability and information whether on the go or in the comfort of their own home. Typically, the website could also be used by a tea store to provide their customers with more information on PINKI PINKI teas.

As the company aimed to sell their products in Asia as well, the design had to be suitable for different language characters, specifically Chinese characters.

If you are interested in the process of the PINKI PINKI Tea logo or its application in packaging, look below.