PINKI PINKI Tea Packaging

PinkiPinki Tea packaging box
PinkiPinki Tea packaging tin
PinkiPinki Tea packaging packet
PinkiPinki Tea packaging tub

PINKI PINKI Tea is a fragrant tea company boasting teas for all occasions. Using only Australian government approved organic ingredients, PINKI PINKI teas do not use chemical fertilisers or polluting pesticides.

The PINKI PINKI Tea packaging was a collaborative effort between our designers and the client. As the client had specific types in mind of the products covering, it was imperative that the new brand and logo would be able to fit into it nicely.

The client favoured a modern, simplistic look for her products which worked well with the logo we had previously designed. As we needed the logo to stand out in a small area, the brand took a turn instead to utilise each packagings edge. The PINKI PINKI Tea logo was draped over each products designated box, tin, packet and tub to give it not only a large presence, but also a brand appearance on multiple sides.

With the clients blessing, we expanded the branding by including bright and attractive colours to each different family of tea. This not only made the entire showcase stand out, but also made it easy to distinguish between the tea families. The end result was fantastic.

If you are interested in the process of the PINKI PINKI Tea logo or website design, look below.