Product Photography. Bring your products to life!

In today’s world, the image we show of our product is extremely important.

You probably see products in magazines and advertising everyday without even thinking about where these images actually came from; well The Wizarts Photography are professional photographers and can offer high quality product photography that sells your products… make your products stand out and sell much easier and quicker. You’re here because you sell, promote, or manufacture products, and you need a professional product photography service to make your products look the very best.

Great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and the people selling them. It adds a new level of quality. With professional brochures, catalogues, websites, and advertising. You may need professional product photography to give your products the best possible reproduction when used in your marketing material.

The Wizarts offer both Product Photography on a white background and Creative Image product photography.

We also offer off site photography for out door products such as bicycle , motorcycle, caravan, car, etc on location that you prefer. Have a look at off site photography service for more details.

All images are supplied ready to use on CD in both high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for websites and email) jpg file format and or other formats available on request.

Product Photography on white background:
Clean, Simple and Effective

If you want to keep it basic and let your products do the talking, our photographers can shoot on a white background.

Most products that we shoot on the white background creates nice clean and simple images showing all the details you need in your products. Your potential customers can see all these details easily and clearly. That means your images will be effective on your marketing materials, perfect for many uses including websites, catalogue, brochures and other advertising materials.

Creative Image:
Creative, Inspiring, and Appealing

If you want something challenging, our expert commercial photographers can create something amazing for you.

With the wide range of artistic approaches. The Wizarts Product Photographers are experience and have expertise to bring them all together, making your products and services inspirational, appealing and imaginative… and we add a touch of mood, spice and flavour to your products.

Our creative product photographers can be creative with various effects such as Coloured back grounds, Drop shadows and reflections, Lighting effects, Dramatic angles, or any way you want it!


The process

To ensure you get images of your products or services that you want, before we start shooting, give us an idea how you like the image to be, style, angle, tone, etc. Seeing some examples of what you like and what you don’t like really helps to get the feel for the best possible way for the finished product or service you are wanting. We will then take a couple of test shots of 1 or 2 products and email you the images for approval. Once approved, we will then photograph all your products. After that your images will go to a post production process, where the finishing touches and quality control checks are made.

All Wizarts Photography images are perfect for advertising, brochures, catalogues, websites, annual reports, signage, exhibition materials and business collateral. All images are the highest quality and versatile, so you get maximum return on your investment, …and remember that our graphic and web design teams can produce all these jobs for you at a cost effective price.

The Wizarts is the ONE STOP SHOP for your marketing needs.

The Wizarts are based in Ringwood East, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and offer the very best product photography, detailed close-ups, or something more artistic, clean, sharp Inspiring and stylish. We ensure that your product photography will highlight the quality of your product and attract valuable new customers.

We have always been a big advocate of great service and putting in the extra effort to give people a great experience. Many of our clients tell us that the ease of the process, affordability, and friendly service is why they keep coming back. Let us capture your products so they stand out from the competition.

Product Photography Tips

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