Industrial Photography tips

The Wizarts have extensive experience in Industrial photography services. Knowing the right and wrong way to approach industrial and commercial photography is import if you would like to capture it well.

A few tips to keep in mind for good industrial photography results.


Always have the right Equipment on hand

Having a range of good fast lenses is vital. Just so that you can capture the industry well. You just never know how big a machine or how vast the subject may be so a good wide angel lens will ensure you can capture the complete picture in a dynamic way. Zoom lens are exceptionally good because often you will not be able to reach certain areas due to health and safety regulations. So using a good zoom like a 70 to 200 will help with these issues.

Attention to Detail

Take note of how the shots will be viewed by the public. Ensure that all people in the images are wearing the appropriate clothing. for example make sure gloves are on, helmets in place, jackets done up correctly, hair nets completely in place. These are just a few examples of what to look out for. Its easy for this to be overlooked – even by the company and will result in an the shot being rejected.


Always plan as best you can to choose the right day. Especially if its an outdoor shoot. Avoid full sun days. Try to pick a nice overcast day if its possible. the full cloud cover acts like a huge “soft box” and gives nice even soft lighting.


We always try to shoot in natural light, even in doors. For any moving machinery try a slower shutter speed to capture movement. This can also help capture people moving – sometimes you may not want any recognisable people. This technique can also create a busy and productive feel. On the other hand you may need a high shutter speed if you are looking at capturing the subject frozen and detailed. You may need a higher ISO setting for this and use a very fast lens.


Also ensure that you have bright visible clothing on. Helmets, hairnets may also be necessary. Always ask or look up the standard health and safety requirements for where you will be working. Often these items will be supplied to you but depending upon where you are going some off site locations may not be prepared for you. Being seen and dressed appropriately is vital for your safety. You may be taking photos amongst some pretty large and dangerous equipment so always think safety.

Having talked about clothing, We always have a pair of work boots on hand. Most sites we attend can be at some pretty muddy locations. Strong steel cap boots will also be inline with most industrial health and safety regulations.

Be spontaneous

Never let an opportunity pass you by. Have your equipment at the ready. You may be walking by a perfect shot opportunity. There will most certainly be a lot of activity going on. So don’t expect someone to simply tell you where the shot is to be. Just capture everything that is relevant.

Finally try to be creative! Think about angles of view to create dramatic shots of your subject. Ofter we will photograph certain subjects with variety of lenses to be certain that we capture the industry excitement of our clients complete operation.


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