Phantom of the Opera DL

Phantom of the Opera DL

The Phantom of the opera DL brochure is a device used to promote the up and coming performance. It is used in direct mail campaigns and also handed out at the closing performance of other shows.

This particular DL is a single page flyer that is printed on 170 gsm gloss. It has strong branding of the type of performance on one side and performance dates and important booking information on the reverse.

The Phantom of the Opera performance required a range of marketing devices including this DL flyer, business cards, performance program and the creative images for online website marketing and email marketing.

Keeping a uniformed design across all forms of marketing is essential for the professional appearance of marketing the performance well.

The Wizarts used experienced graphic design skills to give a full impact theatre performance through creative visual identity.

Working on theatre programs, logos and marketing material for theatre productions are a breeze for the Wizarts because of the years of experience in creatively doing these kind of projects.

Based in Ringwood East in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the Wizarts are ready at anytime to assist you with your next theatre performance.