Nuchev Brochure

nuchev Brochure Cover
nuchev Brochure Inside
nuchev Brochure Closeup

Nuchev is a company that produces unique dairy nutritional products in the market place. The company specialises in goat milk based formula products, an alternative to common cows milk generated formula products. Nuchev develops nutritional dairy food for a wide age group of people to help improve health and well-being. Alternatively, the product is also beneficial for infants who experience digestive discomfort from regular cow’s milk based formula.

The Nuchev product brochure was a first for the company and required a creative, positive and clean design layout. The brochure needed to communicate to the public a short story about many aspects of the product. From the history of Nuchev the business through to an in-depth look into goats milk formula products. Explaining the benefits and nutritional information associated with goats milk.

The brochure was designed with eye catching photographs that were professionally commissioned and sourced stock photography. The entire brochure followed their branding to develop a new fresh approach for larger marketing devices.

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