Melrose Style Guide

Melrose Style Guide

The Melrose style guide is one of many that have been produced by the Wizarts.

Melrose Health Supplies are a large scale business. The Wizarts has been assisting Melrose with all facets of graphic design. Including label and packaging design, point of sale marketing, websites and corporate branding.

Melrose had the same brand image in place for nearly 20 years and the Wizarts had been assisting Melrose with Design and Artwork preparation of numerous projects for nearly all this time.

When the Company decided to update their corporate branding it was a great time to create a new logo and brand image that would see the future progression of the business reach its next expanding stage.

The old logo presented a lot of problems with label and packaging printing due to the logo being made up of a rainbow of colours made out of 4 colour process (CMYK). This created havoc with logo colour variation on the press, especially due to the variety of different print techniques and printed stock materials. Because of this problem the Wizarts designed the new logo in a single SPOT colour.

This way all labels and packaging would simply have the logo printed in a single consistent spot colour. This eliminated any visual variation and kept the brand image visually professional and accurate every time it was reproduced.

After the new logo design was chosen the Wizarts produced a corporate style guide or branding identity manual. This document is extremely important for large organisations that deal with many different departments/suppliers when marketing material is produced for the business. The style guide gives a clear snapshot of all necessary branding information. Including typography styles, correct usage of the logo. A colour guide for printing and for web use.

If you need to know more information about corporate identity manuals please contact the Wizarts today. Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The Wizarts are here to assist you every step of the way with your Branding enquiries.