Melrose Grain & Flour Range

Melrose required an organic looking packaging for their new Grain and Flour range. Initially The Wizarts did a variety of different designs to ensure that the right design was chosen. This particular packaging design needed to fit within a wide range of existing Melrose produce packaging designs and yet still have a uniquely organic look to its family of grains and flours.

Differing from the other existing products, this grain and flour range sports a wholesome back-to-nature look using a brown resealable kraft bag. Along with the kraft bags, different printing techniques needed to be utilsed. Some of the challenges faced in this design include restricting Pantone ink volumes as well as making sure correct colours overlapped or removed to accommodate overprinting. As the bags came in a few dimensions, the design also needed to be able to expand or contract based on the larger, taller bag or the smaller size packs.

Having a few different options is ideal for committees and/or board of managers. It assists with marketing strategies and when the chosen design must pass through more than one person for comments and final approval.