Melrose Flax Oil Range

The Melrose Flaxseed Product Range

The Melrose Flax Oil Range is an extensive range of flaxseed health products. This range covers a wide variety of different types of flaxseed foods, including: oils, capsules, grain, etc.

The Wizarts designed the complete range of labels and packaging. The labels vary in size and shape and are applied to an assortment of different style bottles and containers. There are even sealed pouch style packaging for the rolled seeds that are manufactured from a foil material. Carton box packaging is also designed to contain the quality flaxseed oils.

Packaging designs across the flaxseed range all sit within the general style guidelines of the companies branding. This branding was implemented by the Wizarts through the ongoing label and packaging designs and style guides, not to mention that the Melrose logo was also proudly designed by the Wizarts.

Label and Packaging design is very different from other forms of graphic design. There are different print specifications that need to be understand to avoid unnecessary troublesome print results. The Wizarts have over 20 years of experience in label and packaging design. With their complete understanding of inks, foils, high yield varnish, embossing, laminating, die cutting and stocks, just to mention a few. The Wizarts will draw on this experience to ensure that your label and packaging is at the forefront of your industries visual standard.

Contact the Wizarts today to discuss your label and packaging requirements and find how easy they are to work with. The Wizarts are situated in Ringwood East in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.