Melrose Castile Liquid Soap Labels

Melrose Castile Liquid Soap Labels were graphically designed to enhance the semi transparent bottles. The packaging bottles are an attractive shape and colour that was chosen by the client. The bottle has a pump mechanism that delivers the correct amount of liquid soap with no mess.

Each label was designed to look visually similar across the complete range of liquid soaps. The only difference on each label design was the varied illustration that reflected the different fragrance with colour and text content.

Each fragrance has a matching refill bottle on the market that is slightly different in shape. The existing label design was altered to fit the new shape, whilst still retaining visual recognition to the consumer.

This is of vital importance when marketing your product and labelling it creatively and correctly to the consumer.

The Wizarts has extensive experience preparing label designs for point of sale locations. Giving your product label an instant appeal to the consumer ahead of your competitor.

Designing labels with over 20 years experience, the Wizarts can assist to transform your product so it will be successfully picked up by the consumer. There are many Wizarts designed labels in the market place today and many can be found in large outlets like Coles, Woolworths, Wine outlets, Bunnings and more.