LimeLite Website

The LimeLite website was one of many marketing projects that were designed and developed by the Wizarts for LimeLite Pty Ltd. The lighting company has a bright colour palette with a liking for their quirky mascot Larry LimeLite.

The LimeLite website is a WordPress CMS website that has some extensive information incorporated. This includes design, information, options available and galleries for each product, and extra information to the technical appliances used with each product. As well asĀ  a complete product catalogue the website has assorted downloadable technical data for Architects and lighting designers so that they can download and apply to their project lighting requirements.

The general updating of the website is easily done by the client through the CMS backend. More extensive additions and alterations are done by The Wizarts.

If you are considering designing and developing your own new website or even would like your current site maintained or freshened up. The Wizarts can discuss the options and swiftly attend to your requests easily and confidently.

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