Layman Property Business Cards

Layman Property Group Bussiness Card

After completing the logo design, the Wizarts designed the Layman Property Business Cards. This process concluded with artwork ready to go to any printer. Often the Wizarts will lay out a business card design in tandem with the logo development to portray the new branding direction to the client. This branding exercise usually results in the development of secondary branding to further enhance and compliment the new logo design.

The Wizarts is able to provide design and development for any stage of branding. However, once a logo has been created, it is best to then create a style or secondary branding to solidify its portrayal of the company message. A logo with commendatory branding will unite the company on a graphical front. This will ease identification and familiarity between the company and client.

The Layman Property Business Cards were printed and produced by the Wizarts in 4 colour process, or CMYK. They were double sided cards printed on a substantial thick 400gsm artboard, with a matt cello coating and a spot UV varnish.

Layman Property Group had special requirements for Chinese typesetting on their business cards to cater for the Chinese community in Australia and in China. The Wizarts have the capability of incorporating a second language to business cards for your convenience.