Layman Property Augusta Brochure

Layman Property Group are a newly set up property development business in Australia. Within property development lies a myriad of marketing devices; one of which is the property brochure. A property brochure sells a lifestyle and presents a property as a welcoming environment to potential home hunter. The Augusta Brochure is one such brochure.

TheĀ Augusta Brochure was designed following the Layman Property Group’s brand image completion. The brochure was set up to advertise an upcoming property, Augusta on 4-6 Queens Avenue, Hawthorn, constructed by Layman and Ascui & Co. Architects.

The property’s visionary design is encapsulated in the brochures inviting and stylistic pages. Large images pull the viewer into their potential future home, offering comfort for the eye and mind. The brochure reflects the property with its white space and delightful imagery and sets the mood to expect when a potential home hunter comes to the inspection.

The Augusta brochure also continues the polygonal style found on the property. It’s modern and chic look complements the property’s internal style of returning 60’s decor.