Insurance Quotes R Us

Insurance Quotes R Us is an insurance company that deals with assorted insurance services. Insurance Quotes R Us approached the Wizarts due to major issues with their previous web master company.

Their old website had been hacked terribly. To the extent that half the content had been erased / deleted and to make matters worse the complete website had not been backed up! Now because Insurance Quotes R Us rely totally on their website for ongoing quote requests, meant that business came to a grinding halt. This was a disaster for them and as you can image they were very disgruntled.

The Wizarts built a brand new website for them swiftly and got it up and running in next to no time. The website even boasts some great features, like being responsive for mobile devices and having tailor made scripts that run calculators for working out on line insurance quotations.

The Wizarts will never have the same problem with your website because all the websites they build are regularly backed up on and off site. So should a hosting company indirectly loose your website, the WIzarts can retrieve an up to date achieved copy to reinstall it on the old or new server.

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