HART Product Brochure

Hart TTI product brochure

Nothing hits harder than HART.

Hart tools are a range of hand held tools that boast remarkable durability and a lasting quality that you wont find in other brands.

The Wizarts set up a new marketing brand image that ran consistently with all marketing materials. Our team kept a close eye on congruous colour, graphics and typography so the brand remained visually combined. With expert graphic design skills, the HART brand maintained strength as much as one of its tools.

The product brochure featured here was designed to contain a range of tools with varying dimensions. The products ranged from medium size tools such as hammers to large tools like long shovels. This presented a challenge which our team overcame by creating a master layout to fit all the tools. Each product was given a chance to shine on its own page. The dark background brought HART products bold colours to the fore. Pointed descriptions left little room for guesswork and an ease of information to the consumer. HART products also included icons which exhibited signature features important to the target consumer.

The designed layout worked nicely and lent itself to a flowing publication that was easy and inviting to peruse. The product brochure was also kept at a medium format A5 size which made it easy to carry around.

The target audience for this product is tradesmen and trade businesses and not to mention the home handyman who appreciated a quality lasting tool product.