HART A0 Posters

The HART Posters

These 2 HART posters were done in an A0 size and was used for direct marketing impact. They were made in conjunction with the company’s brand update and also slew of newly released products that not only expanded their product range, but also their brands reach to customers. Besides reaching out to the public, the posters were also used in the company training centre to lift staff spirit and enthusiasm.

Often The Wizarts are asked to transform an existing A4 flyer into an in store or on display Poster. These kind of poster can be done in a variety of different sizes from A3, A2, A1 and even A0 sizes.

Posters are always a fun job to do at The Wizarts. Enjoying dreaming up a new concept and a catchy message add to an effective marketing tool for any business looking to expand on their market presence. It is always best to keep your poster relatively simple. Just get the message across through strong images and minimal text content.