GVP Fabricators Business Cards

GVP Fabricators Business Cards were carefully, graphically designed for a privately owned specialist steel contractor in heavy commercial and industrial works – GVP Fabricators.

The logo which was also designed by the Wizarts contains unique shapes and colour that was all incorporated into the business card design. The business cards were designed to have one side for the logo and website address and the other side for personal and company information. The side with the logo was chosen to be reversed out of a solid rich black. This gave a nice contrast between each side of the card and also paved a way forward for further secondary branding for GVP Fabricators

The business cards were printed on a thick 400 gsm stock and incorporated a silky double sided matt laminate to seal and protect the business cards. Often the business card print can become scuffed when they are put into wallets or from general use. A nice matt cello coating will ensure your cards don’t end up scuffing and ensure that they remain in the same nice quality that they were when they were first printed.


GVP Business Cards

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