GrowBetter Online

The Grow Better website is a large website that is being managed by the Wizarts. It consists of a lot of content and has some pretty cool features.

It has a set of weather icons/wiggets on the top right corner that are linked in with Australia’s bureau of meteorology for up to date forecasts. The “where to buy” page has a search and list of the nation’s distribution outlets that is incorporated into google maps to show closest locations to the visitor’s location. Each product has its own page in the website with a fact sheet and product information. Each product label has a QR code printed within the label so that it can be scanned by a smart phone and directed to the products personalised webpage.

Ongoing SEO carried out in your website will ensure that the website ranks highly in google and keeps click traffic through to your website. This along with a blog and social media input will surely get your website up the search ladder.

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