GreenMan Wine Label


Green Man Wines needed a new brand image. An image that was to be the new face of their range of quality Italian style wines. The logo brief was to depict a Greenman icon.

There is a long history of the Greenman motif. It can be found throughout history in the style of carvings and architectural ornaments. It is said to be a symbol of rebirth, the natural cycle of growth in the growing spring seasons. Originating in separate ancient cultures throughout different civilisations over the course of time.

The Wizarts designed the logo to capture the historical significance of the Greenman and this was done uniquely from a sketched up concept. Matt, who illustrated the icon, carefully kept the design unique with its own identity.

The logo was utilised on stationary items, webstie and of course the many Wine labels. The Wine labels were extensively set up with strict guidelines to ensure that the print quality and techniques would embellish the design immensely.

Print production
Firstly the stock (or paper) that the Wizarts chose was a linen blend that has a slight woven appearance, and a low sheen. The label print requirements were to be in a spot colour setup. With a variation of 6 green pms colours to show definition and vibrancy. After printing the labels were overprinted with a protective machine varnish. The label was then foil stamped with a metallic gold foil. This appears in the border and in highlighted areas of the Greenman motif. The next process was to apply a high yield spot varnish to the Greenman icon. This gave the icon a raised embossed glossy appearance. Finally the Labels were die cut. – The finished result is a stunning looking label!

The labels were supplied in a rolled up form and wound to the specific labeling machine’s specifications.

If you are thinking about producing a new wine label or any label for that matter. Please consider contacting the Wizarts to find out new and exciting ways to really show how good your product is. The Wizarts are situated in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne at 24 Vista Avenue Ringwood East.