GB Galvanizing Website

The GB Galvanizing Website is a html website that was designed and developed back in 2007. Although being an old website it is rock solid and has been functioning very well for the business for many years. The Wizarts maintain the website with updating the downloadable documentation and other fluctuation information and will be in the process of redeveloping the website in a CMS package.

GB Galvanising is a large scale business and they offer an industrial level galvanizing services to the building and manufacturing industry. Their transport fleet is extensive and the website has some key photography and literature that promotes these areas of their business.

Their website contains several galleries and videos that outline their core business, not to mention their sponsorship presence with the V8 supercars.

HTML website these days are still great for a single landing page for your business or a product / service. It may be a temporary landing page while you are still in the process of designing and developing your new website. Html website can be great for emarketing email outs. Often the Wizarts set up html templates in applications that handle bulk direct email marketing mail outs. Like the applications: Campaign Monitor or MailChimp, to name a few. These can even be integrated into your CMS wordpress website.

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