EXCEL Strata Managers Card

EXCEL Strata Managers Card

Excel Strata Managers required a new logo to replace the old version. The freshen up of the company brand was mainly due to a slight difference in name of the company. As the wording changed for Excel, they wanted to bring attention to this through a new brand image.

After designing the new logo, the brand was then applied to a business card. The Wizarts kept one side of the EXCEL Strata Managers Card for just the logo and reversed it out for a strong impacting visual identity. On the reverse side of the business card, The Wizarts incorporated a QR code, specifically a vCard.

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode which compresses information into graphical format to be scanned. This creates an ability to include more information than possible into a small area. The QR code would require a smart phone app or scanner to be able to read the information encoded.

A vCard type QR code was used for the EXCEL Strata Managers Card to provide the recipient not only with more information than provided on the card, but also an easy way to digitalise this information. Scanning the card will instantly provide the recipient with all the details from the business card in a form easily saved into contact or address book on a smart phone. They can even be linked directly to your website or web page.

Ask The Wizarts about the capabilities of a QR code and how you may incorporate it into your brand.