EXCEL DL Brochure

EXCEL Brochure DL Trifold

The Excel DL Brochure is a common roll folded DL brochure. This particular example of a DL brochure was designed for Excel along with their logo, stationary, signage and website.
Excel are a body corporate management business that need to portray a  professional and trusted brand image in their respective industry.

The Wizarts design a full range of different kinds of brochures, one common style of brochure is like this example – the DL roll folded brochure. Wizarts creatively design lots of them!

They are an extremely effective and low cost option if you would like to put your key points of business into a smart looking professional corporate brochure.

Brochures can be produced in a variety of different fold options. Some of which are outlined below

• Half Fold
• Tri Fold
• Z Fold
• Gate Fold
• Roll Fold
• Concertina Fold
• Map Fold

Often the Wizarts use folding techniques with creative design to come up with some clever creative concepts that can ensure that your brochures are opened and studied.

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