EXCEL Business Card

The Excel Business Card is a smart little business card that has a clean logo branding on one side of the card whilst the other side contains important contact information.

The business cards were designed at the same time that the Wizarts developed Excel’s corporate logo. The logo was used on an array of other marketing material. All of which was complimentary to each form of marketing. This is especially important if you would like your business to stand out from the crowd, not just your business card, but your complete brand image.

The Wizarts are unique in the way they work with clients. They listen and will ensure that your business card and branding requirements meet your expectations first time and every time.

The Excel business cards were printed on a premium 400gsm art board, printed in CMYK with a matt cello coated laminate over both sides. Finally the business cards were over printed with a high yield spot UV gloss varnish. This was applied over certain image areas on the logo side of the business card.

Excel Owners Services Business Card