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ELS Website Redesign

Efficient Lighting Systems (ELS) are a light fitting supply company that supplies high end quality light fittings for major commercial construction developments. Certainly, the ELS website redesign needed to be built better than previous design. Similarly, the new design is bright and sleek, synonymous with their recent products. This redesign include an extensive CMS theme built by The Wizarts.

ELS required a website to contain vast amounts of information on their substantial number of products. With this in mind, the consumer would also need to be able to navigate with ease. As a result, images of the products were used predominantly as links to each page. Using product images are important as this becomes the recognising factor among the products.

Subsequently, the new design also included a hidden menu, also known as the hamburger menu or toggle menu. This allows any website to have extensive menu without crowding each page. The hamburger menu is easily recognisable by its icon and its widely used. For instance, if ELS were to list all their pages it would take up a large chunk of each page. Therefore, a hidden menu is perfect for this instance.

Other new technology we have used for the ELS website is the scroll navigation. This appears on the category and product pages. In addition to a lengthy menu, each category and product page also contains massive amounts of information. The Wizarts used scroll navigation on these pages to help the reader get about quickly and easily.

Designed to showcase the best

Other than that, the website contains a gallery of projects listed to showcase developments which make use of ELS lighting. Their projects range from schools and universities, shopping centers to train stations, aquatic centres to business centres. The gallery was required to show off each project as well as information on the products used.

A news blog was set up and maintained by the client. Blogging is a great way to improve your website SEO and increase your ranking in google. It also draws consumers back to your website with the latest news and topics. In addition, the redesign also contains events information. Subscribers will be notified of upcoming events hosted by ELS. Readers may also pursue this information on the website itself.

The website itself contains an extensive product catalogue with a range of important information. This includes downloadable IES files, specifications and assorted related images and information. Current brochures and catalogues are also downloadable from the website. These are updated regularly to reflect the companys ever growing and ever changing lighting supply.

Efficient Lighting Systems website was built and is maintained by the Wizarts. Please feel free to contact Wizarts anytime with an enquiry regarding your website today.

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